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Photography for Life Bundle ($130 value!)

$49.99 $99.99

So you've finally sprung for a DSLR camera and you're all set to start taking your photography to a whole new level. Out with the iPhone selfies, in with the crisp and clean images! Unfortunately, for many of us buying a new camera is the first and last step toward realizing our photography dreams.

That’s where this package comes in! Professional Photographer Robert Patterson makes learning effortless for the budding photographer with 2 easy-to-follow DVDs and 4 eBooks with sample exercises to put your lessons into practice.  

The Photography for Beginner’s bundle includes:

-          Understanding Your DSLR Camera Settings DVD ($34.99 value!)
-          Introduction to Photography Composition DVD ($34.99 value!)
-          Rules and Elements of Composition eBook ($14.99 value!)
-          Quick Fixes eBook ($14.99 value!)
-          True Colors eBook ($14.99 value!)
-          Night Moves eBook ($14.99 value!)