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Holiday Picture Frames

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Holiday Magic!

Add some holiday magic to your photos with this collection of 6 picture frames for PaintShop Pro. The Holiday Picture Frames collection comes with quick and easy installation instructions, and includes the following picture frames:

  1. Christmas Pinboard Picture Frame 
    This picture frame adds a barn board background to “pin” your photo on, with some Christmas touches.

  2. Holly Picture Frame
    This picture frame adds a simple but festive border of holly leaves and berries to your photo.
  3. Old-fashioned Poinsettia Picture Frame
    Create a vintage look with this old-fashioned gold picture frame with poinsettia accent.

  4. Black and White Santa Picture Frame ($2.99 value)
    This picture frame adds a classy black and white cutout of Santa’s sleigh and pine trees to your photo.

  5. Winter Window with Icicles Picture Frame
    Perfect for your indoor photos, this picture frame makes it appear as if you are looking in through a winter window, complete with icicles.

  6. Winter Window with Snow and Lights Picture Frame
    This picture frame adds a window frame, holiday lights and falling snow to your outdoor photos, making it seem like you are looking out a window to the winter wonderland beyond.

Check out the sample images on the left to see what each picture frame looks like. Get these 6 holiday picture frames to add some holiday magic to your photos - perfect for keepsakes or scrapbooks!


  • includes 6 .pspframe files for PaintShop Pro, and instructions on how to install and use
  • also includes transparent .PNG versions that are compatible with Adobe® Photoshop®, PaintShop® Pro and any photo editing or graphic design software that supports transparencies and layers
  • can easily be resized
  • for personal use only; not for commercial use