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License Plate Script by Cassel


Did you ever dream of having your own custom license plate? Now you can, with this PSP script that allows you to design the license plate you always wished you had. Of course, this will give you the opportunity to create much more than a traditional looking license plate. You can use it to add a person’s name, the place you visited, a date, a lovely word, and more. You can choose just about any text you want, any color for the text and the plate itself. You can get creative and use a gradient or even an image as a background. Like many types of license plates, you can have some embossed text on top and the bottom, but you can also have some "printed" text or designs wherever it is not embossed. You can have the text all centered, but you can also resize it, move it, even edit it and add some different colors, characters or font. Just like some plates, you will have some indentations to add a date sticker, but it will be on a separate layer so you can use it or delete it if you prefer (and the date stickers will have a template too, in case you want to use them).

The possibilities are endless, so get started creating your own custom license plate today!

This script is compatible with PaintShop Pro versions 8 and up. For best results please refer to the readme text included with your product download.

Not sure what scripts are or how to use them? See how easy it is in this short video tutorial below.