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Photo Blocks Script


Blocks, blocks and more blocks! This PaintShop Pro script from Creations Cassel will turn your photo into a collage of many overlapping blocks. You choose what size you want, either small, medium or large blocks. You will be amazed as you watch your image come to life while the script is running, and the final effect is quite stunning. It would take so much time to create this look on your own, but this script will do all the work for you in less than a minute! And since this script works on a duplicate of your photo there is no need to worry about your original image. Also, the script will leave another copy of the image behind the block collage, which gives you many creative options -  use the collage without the background image, or keep the background and add a special effect, like a blur, a sepia, or a reduced opacity.

This script is compatible with PaintShop Pro versions 8 and up. For best results please refer to the readme text included with your product download.

Not sure what scripts are or how to use them? See how easy it is in this short video tutorial below.