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Tradeshow Promotions


As a thank you for taking the time to drop by and see us at our booth, we would like to offer you a special discount. Feel free to purchase any product on this page and receive an additional 10% discount with the promo code that you received*  

Introductory Product Overview

Sign up for a 2 hour product overview with CorelDRAW expert Roger Wambolt and learn everything you want to know about CorelDRAW! Perfectly suited for new owners or those who want a refresher on the basics, this webinar will get you familiar with the core functionality and features of the program. Following the product overview, there will be a Q&A session so that you can get answers to your specific questions.  

One on One Customized session 

Attend a personalized 30-minute, one-on-one training session with our in-house product trainer, graphic designer and author of Bring It Home with CorelDRAW - Roger Wambolt.  With his broad knowledge and and fun teaching style, Roger has been a popular CorelDRAW trainer for over 18 years!  You can ask questions during the live training and have full interaction. 

Topics can range from a basic overview of CorelDRAW, to in-depth lessons on particular tools and features, or anything in between. Lessons are sold in half-hour increments, so if you have an hour's worth of questions, buy two! Some popular topics include:

  • Workspace Customization
  • Creating a Business Card
  • Vectorizing a bitmap

Annual Training and Support Plan for Graphics

Get more out of your Corel products with exclusive expert care & personalized training.
  • Fastest answers via first-in-line priority support
  • Live product training sessions
  • Full software media or download protection
There’s no better way to advance your product knowledge and get all your questions answered than with our Training and Support Plans. With monthly webinars, personalized live training and first-in-line technical support, you'll be well on your way to becoming a power user!

    *The 10 % discount will apply to the current sale price.