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50 Tips, Tricks & Techniques for CorelDRAW

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If you love CorelDRAW® and want to learn how to work faster and smarter, this is the book for you! This great collection of quick tips and practical examples will help you take your design work to the next level. On its own, each tip is a simple and easily digestible tidbit of information.

You will find answers to questions such as: 

  • What are the quick keys in CorelDRAW?
  • How can I quickly import multiple files?
  • How do I create a grayscale bitmap without converting it?

Altogether, this is a great resource that will get you comfortable with the amazing power of CorelDRAW. The information from this eBook comes directly from Bring It Home with CorelDRAW – A Guide to In-House Graphic Design, remade in a convenient PDF format for you to easily access from most devices.

About the author: 

Roger Wambolt has been a Corel Employee and DRAW expert for 19 years; he's seen it all and knows exactly what you need to know - and what you've probably never thought of before.

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