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Bokeh Picture Tubes


The easy way to Bokeh! Bokeh is a technique to add a soft, out-of-focus effect to the background of your photos, and it takes some skill and practice to achieve using your camera. But with this collection of PaintShop Pro picture tubes, you can add a Bokeh effect to your photos with just a few clicks! This collection includes 18 different colors, from soft to vibrant. Try alternating with different colors for that perfect look!

Step 1: Open your photo in PaintShop Pro

Step 2: Create a new raster layer (this is optional but recommended, as it will allow you to easily edit your picture tube elements)

Step 3: Select the Picture Tube tool from the Tools toolbar, then select a picture tube from the drop-down list

Step 4: Click once to add 1 picture tube element; or click and drag to add multiple picture tube elements