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Chalk Texture Script


Chalk texture might seem easy to create but doing it manually is tedious. With this script from Cassel Creations you can easily add a chalk texture to any text, design or drawing with just a few clicks. There are various options to choose from: outline or no outline, the presence and degree of smudging and the scale of the texture. Since you probably don’t want the exact same fill every time, the script includes a degree of randomness so it will produce slightly different results each time. However, if you DO want to repeat the same effect on more than one element, there are instructions provided on how you can easily edit the script with your chosen values.

This script is compatible with PaintShop Pro versions 8 and up. For best results please refer to the readme text included with your product download.

Not sure what scripts are or how to use them? See how easy it is in this short video tutorial below.