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CMX Clipart Creator

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Save time and effort with the CMX Creator macro that will automatically extract objects (including text and bitmaps) or groups of objects from a document and export them as individual vector files. The resulting CMX files can be used in earlier versions of CorelDRAW and other graphic design software. In a matter of seconds, you can convert a collection of objects, such as a sheet of icons or designs, into individual CMX files.

Before running the macro, you can:

  • Select a filename prefix and output folder for your CMXs
  • Run the macro on multiple open files at the same time
  • Choose to extract Groups, Curves or All Top-Level Objects, which includes both Groups and Curves

Compatible with:

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 & up. Not compatible with CorelDRAW Home and Student, CorelDRAW Standard or CorelDRAW Essentials. 


To use the CMX Creator macro:

  1. Open a document or multiple documents in CorelDRAW and go to Tools > Scripts > Run Scripts.
  2. From the Macros in dropdown list, select CMX Creator
  3. Choose to extract Groups, Curves, or All Top-Level Objects
  4. If you want to run the macro on multiple documents, check Process all files open in CorelDRAW.
  5. Enter a Filename Prefix that will be used for each extracted CMX
  6. Click Browse and select an Output Folder.
  7. Click OK to run the macro.
  8. Once processing is complete, you can find your new CMX files in the Output Folder you specified.