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Corel GradFilter Pro - For AfterShot Pro 3

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Graduated Neutral Density and Color Filter

The GradFilter Pro plugin simulates the effect of using a graduated neutral density filter or a graduated color filter with your camera lens.

Graduated filters typically have a clear area and then gradually transition to a darker area or a colored area. You can use the GradFilter Pro plugin to darken a bright sky or, unlike a physical filter, you can do the opposite—brighten a dark subject so that both the sky and subject are properly exposed. You can also apply a graduated color effect. For example, you can apply orange to boost the color of a sunset.

What’s the difference between GradFilter Lite and GradFilter Pro?

GradFilter Lite lets you apply a graduated neutral density effect to the Main Layer of your image. GradFilter Pro lets you extend a graduated effect by selecting a color and by applying multiple effects to a single image.



GradFilter Lite

GradFilter Pro

Simulates graduated neutral density filter (transition from clear to dark or light)

Simulates color graduated filters

Can apply more than one filter effect

Works with layers and selected regions (in addition to the Main Layer)