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Scattered Photos Script

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If you want to imitate the look of photos scattered all over a surface, like a table, it will involve lots of steps: opening images, resizing them, adding borders (optional), copying them, pasting them on the base image, moving them, rotating them. Repeat this for each photo and it will take you a long time.

This script will do everything automatically for you, once you have indicated which folder of photos to use, what size you want each photo, if you want to add a border or not, where you want the photos scattered.

The script even gives you the option to add shadows to all those photos (which can be numerous too), in just a few seconds. Because of the random feature integrated in the script, you will never get the same result twice, even if you are using the exact same options. In the end, each photo will be left on a separate layer so you can tweak their placement.

This script is compatible with PaintShop Pro versions 8 and up. For best results please refer to the readme text included with your product download. NOTE: this script should be saved in the SCRIPTS - TRUSTED folder to work correctly.