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Seed Beads Picture Tubes


Delicate seed beads add an elegant touch to your photo projects but they can be difficult to use: either you have to extract them all spilled out and have only one way to place them, or you need to place them one by one while varying the rotation and the colors slightly. Either way lacks speed and flexibility. With these picture tubes by Cassel Creations, adding seed beads is super simple.

These sets of tubes offer the option to spill beads wherever you want - along a straight line, on the edge of an element, or all around your photo. You can have as little or as many beads as you want. The beads are 100 slightly different beads for each set that will be placed randomly. You get 5 different colors: green, red, blue, gold and crystal. In addition, all the 5 colors also come as a directional tube so you can draw strings of beads of any length and in any shape and you get one set of beads that combines all the 5 colors in one tube for a really random look.

This script is compatible with PaintShop Pro versions 8 and up.