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Subway Art Script


Create some fun wordart with this subway art style. Use any text, any size image. The script will adjust each line to match the exact width of the image. Choose which installed font you want the script to pick from. Since the choice of font will be randomized, you will always get a different result with each run of the script. You will have to choose 1 to 6 colors for the text. In fact, you can choose solid colors, gradients or patterns or any combination of the three. The script can either use the colors in order, or randomly.

The script will end with unmerged vector layers, which will allow you to edit any characteristic of the layers, whether it is the color, the font, the text itself or the size. The script will add two guidelines to help you readjust the size of any line of text.

You can create bookmarks, scrap elements, papers, etc. Once you merge all the layers, you can add any effect you want.

This script is compatible with PaintShop Pro versions 8 and up. For best results please refer to the readme text included with your product download.