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Utility Script Bundle

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This powerful set of 8 scripts will save you valuable time in PaintShop Pro by reducing the number of steps necessary to reach your final result, saving you time and needless effort.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The Guiding Lines script will quickly add guidelines to your project. Choose between 1 and 30 guidelines to place horizontally or vertically, evenly or unevenly.
  • The Remove Guidelines script will remove all guidelines instantly.
  • The Clip To It script will “clip” a photo into a shape or text. This script will create a mask using the chosen shape or text, and will place the photo inside the mask. Easily resize, move, or rotate the photo to your liking once inside the mask.
  • The Open a Copy script will open any image, duplicate it, and save a copy of it under a new name. This script enables auto-save of a working copy so that the original image is unaffected and can be used in its original state.
  • The Snap On script will generate guides based on the content of any layer, in just one click.
  • The Snap Off script will remove all guides instantly.
  • The Group script will group all the layers in your Layers palette with one click, so you can copy, paste, or move every layer in just one action. This script is incredibly handy if you want to move all layers into another project without merging them, so that they remain editable.
  • The Merge Group Rename script will merge a group of layers and rename the merged layer to match the name of the active layer.

 These scripts are compatible with PaintShop Pro X7 and up.